Training the Trainer (2 full days)

Overview Train the trainer sessions can help participants design programs that are closely associated with their organisation’s goals. Many organisations are increasingly recognising the opportunity for both capitalising on their internal talent and offering career development to their people. A train the trainer course provides the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a successful training. […]

Dignity and Respect at Work

Aim To provide participants with an opportunity to explore dignity and respect at work and develop tools to challenge bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct.   Objectives During the course, participants will be able to: Discuss the importance of dignity and respect in the workplace Define  and recognise bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct using real-life examples […]

Inclusive Leadership

Overview Inclusive Leadership is not the same as having a diverse leadership team. All leaders regardless of their background who embody inclusive leadership behaviours and act as champions for diversity across their organisations, will enable a real culture shift. Inclusive leaders actively seek out and consider different views and perspectives to inform better decision-making. This […]

Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion

Overview We all have biases and they impact our decisions and actions. Our unconscious bias course takes an open look at equality and diversity, inclusive management and leadership. It gives participants the opportunity to gently and safely explore these ideas without judgement but encourages reflection and self-awareness to create more inclusive and effective organisations. Our […]